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First of all, we would like to inform you that we are a limo car service based in Rome Naples and Positano, and our goal is to conquer the trust of all travelers with transparency, professionalism, and flexibility. That’s why we offer appreciated discounts.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know before booking a private transportation service from Rome to Positano.


The explanations we are about to provide you are related to all types of transport requests, whether we are talking about renting a sedan car with a driver or for a more spacious vehicle for a small group.

We know that the first question to which almost everyone seeks the answer through search engines is “Rome to Positano car service cost

First of all, we advise you to exclude the traditional taxi service for transportation from Rome to Positano, because the cost of a taxi from Rome to Positano could be of almost double the rate offered by a private car rental service with a driver called NCC.

official taxi service in rome
Official taxi service in Rome

The rates provided by these white vehicles are calculated based on the kilometers they travel and the taxi drivers have the right to require also the cost of the return trip when they start from the municipality where they perform the service. In addition, the cars they use to perform the taxi service were born to support the city public transportation, so for short rides, therefore they are much less comfortable than the private car with driver offered by the limousine service companies in Positano and in Rome.

Naples Driver Guide will help you avoid running into scams and understand the price offered by the limo service companies, so if you can trust them and if they will really provide you with the product they are advertising.

Transfer prices and costs are borne by the companies, based on the type of vehicle.

Best prices company from rome to positano
Minivan suitable for small groups

For example, we are going to provide pieces of information regarding a transfer with a car.

When you need to book a sedan car because you are sure that this type of vehicle is suitable for needs about the car service from Positano to Rome airport or if you desire to get to know Rome to Positano car service cost, the price usually varies according to the supplier.
But what are the costs faced by a company that offers this private transfer service? So who to trust before making a reservation?

Here we come immediately to the answer to your question! To book a Mercedes-Benz E class (Sedan car) for two or three people from Rome airport to Positano, a reasonable and competitive price for the client should be 420

But why 420€?

If you don’t get too bored, below you can read what are the reasons why we are forced to propose this kind of cost for your private transportation.

The total cost of the expenses to be borne by the company are approximately € 260


There are costs for those who provide this convenient service that no supplier can avoid, and sometimes very low prices should help you to recognize the various unreliable companies which are trying to get new clients offering reliable transportation at a low cost, but they won’t.

  1. The highway toll: In Italy to use the highway from Rome to Positano and vice versa it costs around 38,20 €
  2. Fuel costs: It is well known that the cost of fuel in Italy is the most expensive in Europe. Fuel costs vary according to the vehicle but we can confirm that for a Mercedes sedan that will have to travel about 600km you have to spend at least € 60 of diesel.
  3. Cost of a professional driver: When it comes of expense and Rome to Positano car service cost , among the various costs are included the contributions to be paid for retirement purposes, the daily wages and various other expenses that increase the cost of having a professional driver in one’s employ. These costs are around € 120 per day.
  4. Car aging and maintenance costs: The limo car service which offers elegant and comfortable cars have to bear very high costs for business management expenses and because they use the Mercedes-Benz brand. In addition, a serious company to protect itself and to comply with Italian laws must have insurance with higher ceilings for its vehicles used for the transport of all types of passengers, also VIP customers. Total expenses 75 €
  5. What must be deducted from the price: the company must deduct from the price paid by the customer the cost of VAT at 10% included in the price, then there are government taxes on revenues at 45% (government taxes can drop to a maximum of 20% less if the companies are able to demonstrate a certain amount of VAT paid to meet its costs)

Who we are, what we offer and what did we learn from this short article?

For our travel agency, transparency and seriousness are two things that must be combined with professionalism, and we hope that this article has been useful to clear up your ideas a bit regarding the reliability of the company with which you want to book.

Naples Driver Guide offers quality services at very competitive prices. Our vehicles, our safe insurances, and our professional drivers will surely satisfy all your expectations.
Since our goal is to retain the customer with professionalism and flexibility, we regularly offer a discount for those who book a round trip transfer or if you also add a convenient stop in Pompeii to visit the famous archaeological park.
We can’t wait to take care of you


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