Capri and the Amalfi Coast are among the best places to swim in Italy

Amalfi Coast best beaches

Today the Blue Flags have been awarded in Italy and Campania as always confirms itself as a major player on the national scene.
The Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) has awarded 19 destinations in our region divided between the provinces of Naples (5) and Salerno (14) with Vico Equense (Na), a great New Entry compared to 2019.

At the national level, Campania occupies the lowest step of the podium behind Liguria which with 32 assignments detaches all and Tuscany with 20 (see complete ranking).
Our beaches are confirmed in 2020 as Italian excellence with the absolute Cilento protagonist thanks to the 13 award-winning beaches.

Finding Capri and the Amalfi Coast in the list of the best seas in Italy is certainly an extra opportunity for tourists who want to visit these famous places.

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But how are the Blue Flags awarded? The criteria to be respected are 32 and it is not enough to have only clean and unpolluted water, but land management, safeguarding, and accessibility also play an important role.
Equipped beaches, the presence of pedestrian and green areas, cycle paths: they are all factors that add value to our coasts, with an eye to sustainability to remind us that the sea is ours and we must protect it.

At this point, all that remains is to wait for the summer and the government’s provisions to dive into our spectacular waters (made even more clear by the quarantine).

Where is it? Among the islands, only Capri (Anacapri to be precise) has obtained a Blue Flag. You can book your private transport to the island from all over Italy such as for example (Getting a transfer from Rome to Capri) or ( Getting a transfer from Naples to Capri). The Amalfi Coast is represented only by Positano, while between the Sorrento Peninsula and Cilento there is plenty of choices. The most popular requests to get the divine coast are the Car service from Rome to Amalfi coast, especially the private transfer with a Car service from Rome to Positano and the Car service from Rome Airport to Positano.

Here is the complete list with all the clearest seas in Campania declared Blu Flag for the year 2020:

Naples area best seas

  • Anacapri: Faro, Punta Carena, Gradola, Blue Grotto.
  • Massa Lubrense – Baia delle Sirene, Marina del Cantone, Marina di Puolo, Recommone.
  • Piano di Sorrento: Marina di Cassano.
  • Sorrento: San Francesco, Marina Grande, Riviera di Massa.
  • Vico Equense: Bikini, Scrajo Mare, Marina di Vico, Capo La Gala.

Salerno area best seas

  • Agropoli: Torre San Marco, Trentova, Porto Free Beach, Lungomare San Marco.
  • Ascea: Piana di Velia, Telegraph Tower, Marina di Ascea.
  • Casal Velino: Lungomare, Isola, Dominella, tower.
  • Castellabate: Tresino Lake, Marina Piccola, Pozzillo, San Marco, Punta Inferno, Ogliastro Bay.
  • Capaccio: Licinella, Varolato, La Laura, Casina D’Amato, Torre di Paestum, Foce Acqua dei Ranci.
  • Centola – Marinella, Palinuro (Porto, Dune and Saline).
  • Ispani: Orthoconte, Capitello.
  • Montecorice: San Nicola, Baia Arena, Agnone beach, Capitello beach.
  • Pisciotta: Ficaiola, Torraca, Gabella, Pietracciaio, Fosso della Marina, Marina Acquabianca.
  • Pollica: Acciaroli, Pioppi.
  • Positano: Arienzo beach, Fornillo beach, Grande beach.
  • San Mauro Cilento: Mezzatorre.
  • Sapri: Cammarelle, San Giorgio.
  • Vibonati: Villammare tower, Santa Maria Le Piane, Oliveto.

From the official website BANDIERA BLU, it is still possible to verify which were the cleanest seas in Italy in previous years.

This is the list of the famous harbors for boarding with private boats:

Harbors in the Naples area

  • Sudcantieri (Pozzuoli)
  • Marina di Stabia (Castellammare)
  • Molo Luise (Naples)
  • Tourist Port of Capri (Capri)
  • Yachting Santa Margherita (Procida)
  • Port of the Aragonese (Casamicciola, Ischia)

Harbors in the Salerno area

  • Marina d’Arechi (Salerno)
  • Tourist port of Agropoli (Agropoli)
  • Marina di Casal Velino (Casal Velino)
  • Marina di Acciaroli (Pollica)
  • Marina di Camerota (Marina di Camerota)
  • Tourist port of Palinuro (Centola)

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