Live your Italian Dream in Ravello

Music festival in Ravello at villa Cimbrone

 Ravello is a town located in the southern part of Italy. It is 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian sea, which constitutes the Amalfi coast. The entire town looks like the 13th-century Moorish period. This is an amazing tourist spot for the ones visiting Italy for the first time. There are a lot of things to do in Ravello, and I am sure that you will have loads of memories when the time comes to leave the town. It is almost like an Italian dream that one can experience during the stay. Below are some of the best places that one can visit while in Ravello.


Enjoy the view once you reach Ravello: It has one of the most spectacular views that you can find in Italy. The huge tropical dense forest mountains, along with the sea view, make it a perfect spot for your photo shoot. Here you can take many pictures of yours as well as your friends or a soulmate and make it a memory.


Visit the place Vila Rufolo: It is a huge villa and a restaurant that comprises of different types of plants and flowers. The design is spectacular, and upon reaching the hotel, one can find the rose garden with different varieties of roses that you might have never imagined. The architectural design of the villa surely makes it a top spot when in Ravello.

In the Villa, Rufolo has placed the Ravello Music Festival. This event dedicated to the famous composer Richard Wagner is one of the major attractions on the Amalfi coast, and most of the concerts take place in the gardens of this famous villa with the beautiful Amalfi Coast in the background.


Villa Cimbrone: Perhaps this is the most panoramic and suggestive place of the whole Amalfi coast. At the entrance of the villa, there are beautiful gardens and a courtyard with a Moresco cloister that are certainly worth a thorough visit.

This is the famous villa where the balcony of infinity is. The name of this terrace says it all. From this window, the view of the coast is truly unique and exciting.




Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello: This is set alongside the coast of Amalfi, which quite near to Ravello. The name of the auditorium is sole on the name of the person who built it. It was built by Oscan Niemeyer in the year September 23rd, 2000. So what makes it unique is the fact that it has a mixture of both Roman as well as Medival period architectural extremes. People visiting this place can view the amazing arches, windowed arches, panels, etc. Usually, people visit this place to attend concerts, plays, dance performances performed by famous artists.


Church of the 13th century: San Giovanni Del Toro: It was constructed in the year 1715, but due to the major earthquake that struck the city, it almost got destroyed. It was during the early 1990s that the church was restored. Here one can find the amazing pulpit. People visiting this place experience the amazing calmness, and the surrounding makes it look amazing. 

Ceramiche D’arte Carmela: A place where you can find different things made from ceramics. It is a place where you can think of buying small plates, pots, glasses made from ceramics at amazingly low prices. It gives you an amazing shopping experience, and if you are thinking of delivering some stuff at your home, the shopkeeper does it with complete diligence. 

Coral Museum: It is the museum where you can find different varieties of coral art, real corals collected from the ocean. It is said that the coral museum was built in the year 1986 and from then on it has been a must-visit place while in Ravello. 

With the Italian spice added in every place you visit, it can be an amazing tour for you. SO never hesitate to visit Ravello and create memories for a lifetime! 

Besides, Ravello, being a charming place, is also less crowded than the other touristic places.

If you want to relax In this medieval town, there are many luxury and luxury hotels where you can stay. 

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