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If Capri Island is among your favorite destinations and planning your holiday you have decided to visit it, we are pleased to inform you that you are on the right track, you have just to plan your arrival on the island with us and having our serious and professional help.

If you wish to tour the island by feet, accompanied by an authorized tourist guide, or to rent a private boat and to admire this Mediterranean pearl from the sea, or more to spend a pleasant day relaxing staying in some hotels and trying the Sweet Life in Capri, ask our service company. According to your needs, we will give you all the necessary advice about schedules, the arriving and leaving points. You will arrive at your destination with no problem, for all your trip, until your arrival at the hotel.


In the past, this paradise corner has seen writers, artists and luminaries come from all over the world, fascinated by its extraordinary beauty, a mix of ancient civilization culture, as shown by the numerous archaeological ruins, and jagged rocks that rise till unexplored points and that join the crystalline water, kissed by sunlight, creating, where the rock pours overhanging the sea, in the cliff caves, amazing effects.

Among a lot of caves with characteristic names connected to legends and to their shapes, the most popular is the Blue Grotto, which you can access by small rowing boats driven by an expert in visitors’ entertainment boaters.

The luxuriant island is the queen of charm, a place most frequented by world-famous celebrities and intellectuals, that reach the island crowding the docks of the marina with their big yachts or staying in the luxurious hotels and villas with the characteristic large terraces full of flowers and plants. Capri is the place where Italian Sweet Life began, an ideal place for the lovers of the Made in Italy shopping.




If you have much luggage or if you prefer the best comfort while you’re waiting for boarding on the port of Naples, you can buy the tickets for the hydrofoil with the help of our driver. If you prefer, you can buy a porterage service, that costs € 2 for each hold baggage, so you will avoid stowing suitcases on board of the boat, otherwise, the driver can help you with the luggage up to the line before boarding.


In high season (from June to September) it is better to book tickets online to avoid problems related to seat availability. You can entrust us with this task because we are experts in knowing the departure times of the various companies that provide navigation services, we just need to know the number of passengers and the number of luggage to be stowed.

During the low season (from October to May) it is not extremely necessary to reserve tickets in advance, except for special days or weekends of national holidays. In the morning every 35 minutes, there is a hydrofoil departing; moreover, you must also replace the prepaid ticket with the ticket to embark at the ticket office. Sometimes the prepaid ticket is not replaceable and refundable. It will take care of our driver to queue at the ticket office to buy the hydrofoil tickets and notify to the staff of your hotel in Capri about the timetable of your departure, so you will find the hotel shuttle driver waiting for you at the port of the island. He will bring you to your destination. On Capri Island there are many hotels located in the pedestrian areas, you can reach them by taxi till Capri’s famous square Piazza Umberto I, also popular as the Piazzetta, and then go on by feet, or take the funicular down to the port of Marina Grande, which takes you near the Piazzetta too.

To carry luggage to hotels located in the pedestrian areas, we advise you don’t take your luggage out of the hydrofoil because on the port of Capri, close each hydrofoil, you will find the authorized porters of the island that will go onboard to recover the bags of who want the porterage service fee. You have just to indicate your luggage and entrust it to a porter who will send it directly to the address where you stay, at a cost of around 15 euro per piece.

The last ferry from Naples to Capri leaves at 21:00 from June to September and it leaves at 19:00 for the rest of the year. If you arrive too late to take on for the Island, it will be needed to book a private boat or spend a night in Naples city, in addition to the private transfer by car or van.

If the rough sea makes impossible to take on board, we will inform you as soon as possible and we’ll assist you in finding accommodation. If it is more convenient for you, we will move the transfer to the next day.

The best transfer solutions from Rome to Capri and from Naples are proposed on this page of our site where you can find three different transfers options, based on your budget


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