must do’s in Positano

must do's in Positano

Positano is located on the Amalfi coast in the southern part of Italy. People are for a treat while in this place. It is one of the most renowned holiday destinations when in Italy. There are a lot of things to do in Positano and here are the 7 “must do’s” while visiting the place.

Go to Positano or the Spiaggia Grande Beach: This is one of the prime reasons for people to visit Positano. It is the black sand beach and people can try resting in the warm beds placed right in front of the beach and enjoy their drink. The dishes that are available at this place are amazing and worth trying out. There are a lot of restaurants lined along the coastline that surely will not disappoint you.

Spiaggia Grande Beach Positano

Spiaggia Grande Beach


Visit the famous church of Positano ( Santa Maria Assunta Positano Church): It is one of the famous churches in the town and there is a strange reason for it being built. It is mentioned that, several decades ago, a band of pirates visited this place and kidnapped the virgin residing here. Upon traveling to a certain distance from the coastline, the winds stopped and the pirates started hearing strange voices saying “Paso”. In the Italian language, “Paso’ means “put her back”. So the pirates returned to Positano and hence the church was built in her remembrance.

Santa Maria Assunta Positano Church

Santa Maria Assunta Positano Church

Go to Collina Positano bakery: It is a must place to visit while in the town. Here you can find different types of gelatos, Ice creams, and different varieties of sandwiches. This is a sure spot for having some halt for food.

Collina Positano bakery

Collina Positano bakery

Take the boat ride while in Spiaggia Grande: It is one of the must-dos while in the town. One can rent a boat for himself or get a captain assigned. An amazing experience is bound to happen while on the boat. There is a place where people can swim through the caves and it is considered as one of the best experiences that anybody can expect while in the town.

boat ride from Positano

boat ride

Visit Art Galleries in the town: The streets of Positano have a lot of galleries along the streets. Here people can find different types of art paintings that almost look real. These paintings can also be bought. So if you do like painting and would want to buy it, go ahead with the purchase.

Art Galleries amalfi coast

Art Galleries

How about a shopping spree?

The streets of Positano are filled with a lot of shops that sell different kinds of products ranging from ceramic stuff, souvenir, paintings, wooden statues, marble statues and many more. You can also try the flower boutique as well. It is an amazing place to spend your time in the morning before you plan to head to the beach in the evening.

The streets of Positano

The streets of Positano

A day trip to nearby spots like Amalfi or Capri: You can find a lot of ferries providing the service of taking you to these spots. The boat ride along the coast gives you an amazing experience. You can find the ferries that are traveling from Positano to Capri or Amalfi every hour. So, it will be quite convenient for you to find a ride anytime. 

Capri typical boat tour of the island

For those who are already on the Amalfi Coast or Capri, and want to reach Positano, they can use the car rental service with driver offered by Naples Driver Guide or alternatively there are many departures by the sea with the hydrofoil service. Here is the link to view all departures with updated timetables and prices

Well, these are the 7 “must-dos’ when in Positano, so never hesitate to visit these places and enjoy your time! 

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