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MEDIUM (expected walks and/or stairs)
Duration 8 hours

Tour Highlights

In Italy during the Magna Grecia ages, the Campania region became a true protagonist, in fact, the Greeks left us a lot of sites to visit, among others the famous and best-preserved temples dedicated to King Neptune that you will visit in this tour.

We have thought to link the archaeological sites’ visit to a tour in one of the farms that produce the famous buffalo mozzarella. We wanted to enrich your experience with something more interesting like the explanation on how this famous cheese is made and give great pleasure to you with a tasty menu that includes very fresh buffalo-milk products that are produced in the farm


Guided visit of the farm and  mozzarella factory with mozzarella tasting, Private Mercedes vehicle, professional English speaking driver (tour expert), fuel, taxes, and tolls.


Lunch, Admission tickets to the archaeological park, Private licensed guide to the temples or licensed guide full day


with us you can book in advance your tickets and/or  licensed guide

Meeting place

Naples, Salerno, Sorrento, and Amalfi coast

Additional info

Dress comfortably and casually. In Paestum, comfortable shoes (no sandals) is a must! For those who don’t want to see the Greek temples, there are some souvenir shops and bar right outside of the entrances of the ruins.
We strongly advise booking the licensed tour guide in Paestum. Your private licensed guide can answer all questions about Paestum’s architectural and artistic past, and is sure to make your adventure into Greek history come alive! 

How Your Day Unfolds :

In-depth tour info

Once left the city-center traffic,  you will get onto the motorway, driving near the Mount Vesuvius that you will have on the left side and going on through the different motorway exits, you will see the one of Herculaneum too, another visitable city that is situated at the foot of the Vesuvius and that was buried along with Pompeii and Stabia during the eruption of 79 B.C. Your motorway trip will go on passing above the city of Salerno so you will arrive in Paestum ancient Greek ruins in 1 hour and a half of drive.

Before visiting the Greek temples’ ruins, your driver will take you to the farm for the visit of buffalo-farming, where at 9 o’clock am you will get a guided tour of the cheese factory. The tour together with the expert will last about one hour and at the end of it, you will be delighted with a taste of the freshest buffalo mozzarella. Before going to the archaeological site, you can visit the farm museum and shopaholics can buy items such as high-quality hand-sewn bags and wallets, created with the skin of farm animals.

This tour is not so popular like the ones of Pompeii and Herculaneum because it is too far from the most crowded tourist destinations; anyway, the archaeological site that you will visit is the demonstration of one of the best examples of Doric order in the West and it is a UNESCO world heritage site from 1988. It is considered one of the most important one of the collection of existing Greek temples with an excellent state of preservation of the marbles dating back to VI century B.C. In the beginning, the city was built to venerate the Greek god Poseidon, it includes 3 temples among which the HERA II temple that one time was erroneously considered the temple of Poseidon. By means of the entrance to the archaeological site, you will visit the archaeological museum too, that houses the “Tomb of the Diver” which is the only existing example of Greek wall painting in Italy and is a graceful and expressively naturalistic piece of work. Many other finds that belonged to Greek civilization are visible in the museum.

The tour inside the park along with the visit to the museum lasts about 3 hours, our advice is to book with us an authorized private tourist guide, your private licensed guide can answer all questions about temple’s architectural and artistic past, and is sure to make your adventure into Greek history come alive!

After the visit to Greek temples’ ruins, your driver will take you to the farm for the lunch where you’ll have some unforgettable meals that include organic vegetables and very fresh buffalo-milk products that are all produced right in the farm.

Whatever destinations you decide to explore, you will take home lifelong memories of the ancient site of Paestum and its Geek temples, and the beauty and goodness that you found visiting the best local Farm in Paestum.  Like we say in Italy, Salut!

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HOW YOUR DAY WILL UNFOLD This is just an example. The pick up time could be different according with the starting point

7:15 am

Meet the driver and move to Paestum

9:00 am

Meet the doctor and tour of the farm

10:30 am

Move to the Geek temples

10:45 am

Start the tour of the archaeological park

1:30 pm

Move to the farm for the lunch

3:00 pm

Move to your accomodation

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