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Activity Level
MEDIUM (expected walks and/or stairs)
Duration 9 hours

Tour Highlights

Come with us and get to know the scenic drive on the SS 163 called Amalfi Coast and the ancient city of Pompeii.  Our professional driver will take you through the lovely villages of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and the breathtaking Excavations of Pompeii.
We do the driving, and you do the relaxing! Our private tour offers, particularly if you’re a first-time traveler, an excellent way to do some learning and spend pleasant moments of leisure.
You sit back and enjoy the Amalfi Coast’s beauty and stunning vistas while our courteous, informative driver tells you a little about the local history and traditions. Your English speaking driver will also ensure that your time in the coastal area is well spent, by showing you the main sites and making recommendations for meals, useful tips, etc. Our licensed professional guide will take you on a walking tour of Pompeii if you select the option.




Private Mercedes vehicle, professional English speaking driver (tour expert), fuel, taxes, and tolls.


The entrance fee to Pompeii and lunch.


Private Licensed guide walking tour of Pompeii or full day, Pompeii skip the line tickets

Meeting place

Naples, Sorrento, or Salerno. It’s your choice.

Additional info

Dress comfortably and casually, especially in Pompeii, comfortable shoes (no sandals) are a must! For those who don’t want to see Pompeii, there are many souvenir shops and bars right outside of the entrances of the excavations.
We strongly advise booking the licensed tour guide in Pompeii. The site covers approximately 160 acres. The authorized guide curates each trip, providing in-depth historical information and escorting you through the best Itinerary to show the highlight of the city and get the exit timely correctly.
Choosing a guide in Pompeii will also allow you the skip the line tickets

For those who are staying in the Capital, they can consider the option of the train from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast. There is a fast train every 30 min so at the end of the tour the driver will take you back to the Naples train station to catch the next train available.

NOTE: The tour of the coastal road can be shortened due to the traffic conditions.

How Your Day Unfolds :

In-depth tour info

All tours are flexible, the driver is at your disposal for any change for how your day will unfold, and you can decide to change the order in which you are going to visit the places. Naples driver-guide recommends visiting the coast first, also because Pompeii is more pleasant during the afternoon due to the fewer visitors. Especially at the weekend, we strongly advise visiting first the Amalfi coast.

The drive along the Amalfi Coast to Pompeii takes approximately 30 minutes. Our pleasant, informative driver will tell you about the local sites and the ancient city, and how the tragic eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried the town. 

If you have chosen to have a licensed guide (especially in Pompeii), we can ensure you’ll get the most from your tour of Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.  Your private licensed guide can answer all questions about Pompeii’s architectural and artistic past, and is sure to make your adventure into Roman history come alive!

Once you’ve arrived in Pompeii, you’ll begin your journey exploring Roman history.

In Pompeii, first, you’ll see the city’s ancient walls, which date back to the 4th century B.C. The gates are called Porta Marina, and one path to the town is solely for people. Before entering, we’ll explore the Suburban Bath House, an ancient site that was just recently excavated and is therefore remarkably well-preserved.

When we arrive in town, you’ll walk on basal stone, made of volcanic rock that left imprints of tiny, white flecks. This material was used because it shone in the darkness, back when torches were used and were the only guiding light in the evening. Today, we call this substance “cat’s eye.” Pompeii didn’t have a sewer system because it was built on top of lava. You will marvel at the large stones in the path, put there, so people had somewhere elevated to step when it rained.

The city center is called the Forum because it has several buildings used for different purposes. The religion building houses the Temple of Apollo, the Capitolium, and the Temple of the Emperor.  There was also a textile market, a fish and meat market, a currency exchange, public scales for weighing large items like the goods farmers brought, and much more. It is in the Forum that you will see the prominent display of human casts.

Nearby are the Public Bathhouses, where anyone could stop in for a daily wash. Men and women were in separate quarters, but all were allowed in – rich and poor, free and enslaved. Pompeii had three complexes like these, and they all included a changing room (Apoditerium), a tepid room (Tepidarium), a hot room, and a gym. Several buildings have massive vases built into the front masonry counter – these are what we call taverns or pubs, today!

These enormous jugs were teeming with food and drink, and many Romans would stop in around mid-day for lunch and something to drink.

A visit to Pompeii is not complete without a peek at the Lunaire – the Brothel! Here you will see a marvelous display of-of Roman frescoes that include several erotic images. Another “must-see” on any visitor’s list is one of the public spaces where entertainment was held. The Outdoor Theatre is where comedies and tragedies were staged. At the large amphitheater, games were put on, pitting gladiators against each other or huge beasts. The Indoor Theatre is where mime and poetry readings were offered.

At mid-tour, it’s essential to stop for a refreshing drink at one of the many street vendors, or browse the souvenir shops and pick up a memento for somebody back home.

Although we recommend these visits, our tours are curated to your tastes, so how your day unfolds is up to you. We want to give you an idea of what your trip can “look like.”

But our trip isn’t over!

 When your tour of Pompeii is over, your private driver will take you on the coastal road, and we will drive across several villages of the beautiful Sorrento coast and Amalfi coast.  We will stop every time you want some beautiful pictures overlooking the Gulf of Naples, on the Sorrento peninsula and Amalfi drive. Still, we advise of visiting two of the lovely towns, so you don’t feel hurried throughout the day. Consider that once we will start from the Amalfi coast, drive back to Naples can take about two hours.

Once you reach Amalfi Drive, you will experience the true Mediterranean beauty:

You will admire the typical wild vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, the blue sea under the cliffs

some luxurious villas perched on top of the surrounding mountains and the narrow winding road that extend along the coast that crosses the picturesque villages decorated with beautiful local artistic ceramics and colorful flowers.

The breathtaking scenery that you will admire will make you feel in a unique and exceptional place.

For your leisure and visits consider these choices:

Sorrento: This is our favorite spot for lunch and shopping. It is renowned for “limoncello,” a liquor available almost everywhere in town. The view of the Bay of Naples is awe-inspiring from the Garden of St. Francis.

Positano: This village is the first one you will cross along the Amalfi Coast. Its white-washed houses, its fancy art, and ceramics galleries have attracted visitors from around the world, making it a very touristy destination. If you like, you can leave the vehicle and discover the village. The starting point for visiting Positano is almost all in the pedestrian area that leads to the beach, where there are many shops, art galleries, hand made sandals, bars, the church, and restaurants on the harbor. The upper part of Positano is far from the crowd, and you can enjoy a stunning view from some very welcoming taverns – ask your driver to recommend one!

Amalfi: Steeped in history, Amalfi is a beautiful stop on your trip along the coast. You can visit the Cathedral — the burial place of St. Andrew — or get away from the crowds by exploring the maze of white-painted alleys and travel back in time to the Middle Ages!

Ravello: This is maybe the most beautiful a village of Amalfi coast, certainly is the most scenic town in which you can enjoy free time walking around, and perhaps stopping for a glass of local wine on a terrace overlooking the divine coast. The city is 350 meters on the sea, and here you can visit the Villa Ruffolo and Villa Cimbrone, or stroll around the village by doing some shopping in one of the best wine shop, extra virgin olive oil and ceramic shop of the coast.

There is a panoramic street from Ravello which winds across the hills to combine with the Naples–Salerno autostrada in Nocera.  This alternate route makes it effortless to make a visit to Pompeii at a day excursion in the coastal resorts.

Lunch will decide which option is best suited to your needs. We will be happy to recommend one of the excellent sea-view restaurants along the itinerary for a delicious and fresh seafood meal or a simple snack.

Whatever destinations you decide to explore, you will take home lifelong memories of the ancient site of Pompeii, and the beauty and history of the Amalfi Coast will stay with you always.  Like we say in Italy, Salut!

What to expect: private group Amalfi Coast and Pompeii with a driver tour expert. English speaking driver-guide is included

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We are flexible(Naples) The fallowing is just an example of how your day could unfold:

7:30 am

Meet the driver at the port

9:10 am

Arrive to Positano down town

10:00 am

Drive to amalfi

11:00 am

Arrive to Amalfi

11:30 am

Drive to Ravello

12:00 pm

Arrive to Ravello visit with lunch

2:00 pm

Drive to Pompeii

2:40 pm

Arrive to Pompeii scavi

4:40 pm

Drive to Naples port

5:10 pm

We arrived to the port

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